A female elephant is found dead, the Serbajadi Police secures the location

gaespost.com | ACEH TIMUR – A female elephant was found dead in a resident’s plantation area in Rukun Makmur Hamlet, Sri Mulya Village, Peunaron District, East Aceh Regency on Saturday (15/10/2022) morning.

Obtaining information on the existence of the dead elephant, Serbajadi Police Chief Iptu Hendra Sukmana, S.H. together with a number of its members along with Koramil 01/PNR personnel, the Srimulya Village apparatus and the Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL) visited the location.

“Arriving at the location our members immediately put up a police line and secured the scene while waiting for the team from the Aceh Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA),” said the police chief.

after the team from the Aceh BKSDA arrived, a necropsy was immediately carried out on the elephant carcass to determine the cause of the elephant’s death.

“From the statement of drh. julius and drhMahmudi who did the necropsy concluded that; The female elephant died allegedly due to eating materials containing poison and the estimated time of death was approximately 2 days or 3 days. “For the purposes of laboratory testing, a team of doctors from the BKSDA took several organs from the elephant, which is approximately 6 to 7 years old,” said the police chief.

Meanwhile, 150 meters from the location of the dead elephant, there is a hut to store the garden owner’s fertilizer and poison (pesticide).

“The walls of the hut are made of plank wood, the condition is damaged. It is most likely damaged by the dead elephant. Then using its trunk, the elephant ate some of the fertilizer and pesticides, resulting in death,” explained the Head of the Serbajadi Poslek Iptu Hendra Sukmana, S.H.(*)

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